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The real estate business centre now consists of four limited liability companies. These companies have the same owners and were established over the years in accordance with the need to provide better specialisation or regional coverage.

The main pillars of our real estate agency are the companies Realitní kancelář Beskyd spl. s r.o. and Realitní kancelář Rožnov s.r.o., which have active on the market since 1992. These companies specialise in house and apartment management and real estate property sales. Throughout their existence they have successfully accomplished more than 1,500 business cases. They have experience in new development (such as the building of 60 garages in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, building reconstructions with subsequent building of new residential units, new residential construction in Rožnov p. R. etc.). We take care of nearly 3,000 residential apartments, for which we organise utility and service supply, technical maintenance and rent collection, including annual settlements of costs of utilities consumed by the individual apartments. The registered offices of our branches are located in the main squares of Frenštát and Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.


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Below are the company's milestones with regards to major implemented projects:


Bytové domy Rožnov, etapa A, C

Rožnov residential houses, stages A, C 

We implemented the sale of 56 residential units in two houses on the basis of an exclusive contract. Our company has provided comprehensive sales-related services, including the establishment of the owner association and current building management.


Implementation: 2004-2008

Investor: Zlínstav a.s., joint-stock company 



Revitalizace kasárna Valašské MeziříčíRefurbishment of the barracks in Valašské Meziříčí into a residential house

Refurbishment of the office building on the premises of the former barracks in Valašské Meziříčí. The reconstruction produced 23 residential units, which were sold to individual private owners. The real estate agency RK Beskyd spol. s r.o. was involved in the project as an investor and provider of comprehensive legal and property agency services.  Now the same company has been contracted by the owner association as the building management service provider..


Refurbishment: 2005-2006

Investor: Lomaneta s.r.o., RK Beskyd spol. s r.o.




 60 garages in Rožnov – Koryčanské Paseky

A comprehensive developer project of our company from land purchase, project preparation, building permit, construction and financing to sales of garages to private owners.

Implementation: 1999-2000

Investor: RK Beskyd spol. s r.o.








 Bytový dům Rožnov, etapa BResidential house in Rožnov, stage B

The third residential house by Zlínstav a.s. in Rožnov above the tax office building. Sales commenced in early 2008.

Ended: 2009


Investor: Zlínstav a.s.



Apartmány Kaprun - Zell Am See

Suites in Kaprun – Zell Am See, Austria 

The new Pension Prague includes 12 suites consisting of a room and a kitchenette and three suites consisting of two rooms and a kitchenette with a functional connection to the existing building. In the basement there is space for a ricochet, sauna, solarium, laundry and storage boxes. A paved area in front of the building is reserved for use as a car park..

We organised the sale of individual suites to private owners on the basis of an exclusive contract, including legal and financial service. The sales were commenced in mid March 2008 and by early 2009 each of the suites already had been bought. For sales support we launched a website at www.pension-praga.cz, using advanced visualisation methods, giving potential buyers a virtual tour around the building, which was then still only in the design stage.   These suites are now also leased for holiday recreation with an online booking option at www.alpen-pension.com. 




Implementation: 2009

Investor: Jiří Zeman