Property management

Make use of our more than 20 years of experience to your benefit

The term "property management" comprises a wide range of highly professional activities. Our company specialises in the management of residential houses and apartments. We provide services to apartment owners. If the owner leases the owned apartments (mostly municipalities, cities, business companies) we take care of rental collection and operation of the apartment or the whole house in compliance with all rules defined by the effective legislation for house and apartment owners. When there are multiple residential unit owners in a house forming a legislatively defined "owner association" we act as administrators and take over part of the responsibility for operating the house.  

This activity requires economic, technical and legal knowledge. For these purposes we employ a team of permanent staff who keep up to date with new developments in the relevant fields. Thanks to that our service is at a level that offers our clients long-term solutions for their requirements even in a situation of constantly changing legislation defining regulations for business relationships related to property ownership and landlord-tenant relationships.

Our property management is consistently based on the transparency of all business relations and respect for the rights of property owners. All cash flows are implemented on the bank accounts of the associations of owners or individual house owners. We organise tenders for investment projects or act according to the instructions of the owner. After execution of the contract between the client and the owner we take over the supervision of the fulfilment of the contract conditions and consistently defend the interests of our clients.


  • The number of residential apartments under our administration is approaching 3,000

  • The number of managed non-residential spaces amounts to several dozen.

  • Our clients include: The town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, the municipality of Horní Bečva, the Bonver Group, more than 120 owner associations