Real estate agency

Real estate agency

We procure purchases, sales and leases of all types of real estate properties. 
Our activities include traditional property business, including procurement of sales and leases of real estate properties and building management.

Our business strategy is based not on quantity but on quality. We take an individual approach to best utilise our knowledge and experience to your benefit.

Our advertising materials will never feature a "celebrity" attracting you with an "incredible discount". We do not offer hundreds of properties and order recruitment is not done by volunteers in our office.

Our real estate business can be divided into two main pillars. The main pillar of our activity is the operation and management of real estate properties. Our branch offices in Frenštát and Rožnov pod Radhoštěm manage both the technical and economic agenda for hundreds of property owner associations. We administer a selection of lease apartments for cities and private companies.

The second pillar of our activity is traditional real estate business based on procurement of sales and leases of properties. Due to the above our company does not solely depend on commissions and we are not forced to utilise techniques used by our competitors and often presented in the media as immoral, unfair or even on the borders of legality.  Any client cooperating with us can rely on the stability and trustworthiness of the company proved by more than 20 years of market presence.